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Let us and others know about your experience with Tidewater Mechanical. If there was a problem with our service, or you are not 100% satisfied, please give us a chance to make things right. Send us a message using the form at the bottom of the page or give us a call at (757) 395-4990. Your feedback and complete satisfaction are very important to us.

Professional, courteous, thorough, inexpensive and on time. Thanks for your work on my HVAC! I’ll spread the word about Joe Owsley and Tidewater Mechanical!

Sam B.

I needed a second opinion for my heating system and I decided to give Tidewater Mechanical a call. The first company I had out condemned my system in layman’s terms means i wasn’t able to use it. They said it had a non-repairable freon leak. My system is only 6 years old!! When the technician, from Tidewater Mechanical showed up (I believe his name was Josh) he was early, pleasant, professional and you could obviously tell he liked what he does and isn’t just there for a paycheck.He asked a few questions and got right to it. He FIXED THE FREON LEAK! $700 dollars and 2 1/2 hrs later the job was complete. The other company quoted me $6000 and offered me a payment plan. I feel because I am a female the companies are always out to get me, but i did not feel this way with Tidewater Mechanical, he actually talked to me in layman’s terms (rather then throwing a bunch of technical words that i have no clue what they mean) and i actually understood what he was saying. I’m so glad I found a company with such kind staff that have my families best interest in mind. They have since fixed a bunch of refrigeration at the restaurant my boyfriend works at. I highly recommend this company for your A/C and heating needs.

Sarah M.

Category: Heating & A/C, Services Performed: Yes, Work Completed Date: 02/01/2017, Hire Again: Yes

Angie's List Reviewer

A year ago our AC. went out. The outside temperatures were hitting in the 100’s. I live in a mobile home and the heat was unbearable. It was like sitting in a tin can. We called Tidewater Mechanical LLC. They came right out and in no time my AC was up and running.Now a year later my heat went out. A family member had another company give an estimate on the cost of fixing my heater. The quote was 600.00. For the part and labor plus I was told they would have to have the unit mandatory cleaned. Plus they may have to modify the part to fit my heater. All I could see was dollar signs adding up. I knew at this point it was going to be over 600.00. I couldn’t afford that. I was so frustrated and tired of freezing as I have been without heat for several months. Then I decided to call Tidewater Mechanical LLC. Two men came that evening. They were extremely kind and professional. The younger man was the apprentice. He explained everything and answered any questions I had. It turned out I didn’t need the part the other company said I needed. Nor did I have to have the unit mandatory cleaned. I needed a different part. In no time I had heat. My electric heat and the heat pump was tested to make sure they were working properly. This company is honest and does not take advantage of you. I highly recommend them. They do very good work. They are highly knowledgeable in their field of expertise. If you need your ac or heater worked on, Tidewater Mechanical is the place to call.

Debbie B.

Reliable, professional, and knowledgeable – you can’t beat the service provided by Tidewater Mechanical. You can trust that the work is done with integrity and skill.

Amy O.

Did a great job, I’m so happy I found them, the work really helped bring our bills and cut drafts.

Debbie T.

Very professional job. We were having issue with unit turning on right after it turn off with no heat. Joe came promptly and was able to diagnose the issue and corrected the problem. Nice to have heat again. When having a problem with heat or ac, I know who to call.

Terri G.

He’s proven himself, trustworthy honest, reliable, and knowledgeable. He does everything I need from him and is part of the team that makes me successful!

Charles T.

Awesome service, quick response and available anytime. Joe works fast and very professional. Price is very reasonable. I will be recommending them to anyone.

Mark M.

Service was wonderful and fast, I couldn’t have been happier. Would highly recommend ( and have ) for big or little issues or just to make sure you and your family are safe. I’m a believer in preventative maintenance and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Debbie T.

So I have been dealing with a condensation issue on my AC ducting that all i could see was water spot on my ceiling downstairs. I have had other HVAC companies out here that literally did nothing except assume. Joe came out and instantly started digging deeper than the rest of the contractors. Went above and beyond the normal helping us with what we needed!!!

Colin S.

Joe and the crew of Tidewater Mechanical came through when other HVAC technicians could not. An initial fix of our system involved a $15 part, where other contractors quoted us in the hundreds or thousands for a fix. When we ultimately decided to update and expand our HVAC system, we were impressed by the speedy service, involving new air handlers, additional duct work, a larger fan and updates to all the electrical. The work was done for a reasonable price and in just two days in tight quarters. I would highly recommend these guys.

Ryan E.

Joe and his team are the best around! He has been working on my units for years and he has always been more than reasonably priced and responds quickly to any repair or emergency!

Brandy S.

Joe has come to our rescue. Before we found Tidewater we had 3 other companies come out and none of them were able to get our air conditioning going. Not only did he get it going, he was kind, proffesional and very informative. I actually believe he had our best interest in mind. Mind you the heat index has been over 100 for weeks now and as hot as it was, he went into the attic and fixed our system in less than thirty minutes where 3 other companies just wanted to sell us a new system. We are due for a new system, but Joe has it up and running as efficiently as possible until the weather breaks and I feel it is safe for him to be up in the attic. The biggest thing I am grateful for, is not just how fast he came out, but it did not cost an arm or leg. If i could only find an auto mechanic with half the integrity of Tidewater Mechanical, I would be set. I highly recommend looking into Tidewater for all your cooling and heating needs, I haven’t had the honor to meet other techs but Joe has gone above and beyond to make me feel like I wasn’t classified as “Here is a female with no technical knowledge”. He took the time to explain everything to me so I had the opportunity to make an informed decision, not once did he look at his phone as it was ringing with what I assumed was more no air conditioning calls. Oh and before I forget, the office followed up to make sure everything was still running and cooling to my expectations. Thank you for being such a kind business and I never thought I would be looking forward to seeing the hvac people in the fall.

Amani H.

The service was above and beyond any other repair company. They were here on time! The technician was polite and well spoken. We’ve used them on two separate occasions. I highly recommend them! I’ll never use any other company!!

Michelle A.

We’ve had dealings with repairman before and figured if they said 2 hours that meant more like 4, but we were very pleasantly surprised when someone arrived an hour and a half after we called. The repairman was very nice and seemed very professional. He did some tests and it ended up we had a refrigerant leak and he had to repair our outside unit . The whole thing took about 3 hours and we were up and running again . I would definitely recommend them ! They were fast (so thankful , did not want to stay in a freezing house for long ) very courteous and we found the price fair. It’s been almost a month and heater system running great.

We were referred by a friend to Tidewater Mechanical LLC when our heater went on the blink ,it was only running on emergency heat . My husband called them around 8 in the morning and explained what was going on .My husband said they were very polite and they’d have someone there within 2 hours.

Category: Heating & A/C, Services Performed: Yes, Cost: $530, Work Completed Date: 01/14/2016, Hire Again: Yes

Angie's List Reviewer