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Freezer and Cooler Service

Freezer and Cooler Service

Maybe you run a butcher shop in Virginia Beach or manage an Italian or fast-food restaurant on the outskirts of Chesapeake. Or, perhaps even work at a local morgue. Judging by your current search, you probably rely on a walk-in cooler or freezer to get it done. Though these built-in pieces of refrigeration equipment are made to last, they will encounter problems from time to time.

Even minor issues need to be treated promptly. A broken seal on a cooler can lead to thawed merchandise or further door damage. A dirty fan, meanwhile, can result in widespread contamination and utility bill waste. When a breakdown can cost you thousands, it’s best to have the number handy of a local HVACR professional you can trust. If you call Virginia Beach home, we should be your first stop.

What Might Be at the Root of Your Cooler Problems

A walk-in cooler or freezer is a surprisingly complex piece of machinery. And all of the parts need to work together harmoniously to effectively control the temperature inside. In some cases, a missing bolt can spell disaster. Unfortunately, many businesses in Virginia Beach don’t recognize the sign of a freezer edging toward a breakdown. It’s only after something major happens—like a sudden build-up of ice or a broken door—that someone places a call for freezer service.

Keep an eye out for the following symptoms of cooler breakdowns:

  1. Higher Bills: When compressors and evaporators start to fail, they work harder to get their job done. This often leads to an unexplained increase in your company’s utility bills. You may also hear the freezer kicking on more often or generating more noise during operation.
  2. Bad Door Seals: Do you see trailing rubber or get the occasional glance of insulation? Then, it might be time to reach out to a Virginia Beach freezer repair company. While these items might seem minor, they can often lead to difficulties sealing and climatizing the space. Mold and condensation can develop.
  3. Icing Issues: Are you noticing ice pooling on your walls, shelving, or compressor? Then, you may have an issue with your compressor or a troublesome leak. Pinpointing the exact cause of this symptom can be difficult and typically requires the expertise of a licensed HVACR contractor.
  4. Inconsistent Freezing: Are you noticing some items thawing out? Does the effectiveness of your freezer vary wildly depending on the placement of the merchandise? While often seen as just a quirk in the system, this issue can also be a sign of improper set-up or problems in the condenser or evaporator.

When you notice one of these issues, we suggest skipping the DIY solutions. Every hour your equipment fails to maintain proper temperature is another blow to your company’s bottom line. That’s why it’s important that you contact Virginia’s freezer and cooler repair experts—Tidewater Mechanical--at the first sign of trouble.

The Industries that Rely on Us

We know the businesses which rely on us for freezer and cooler service in Virginia Beach differ almost as much as the individuals that run them. In our 12 years in the business, we’ve repaired walk-in equipment not only in restaurants but also:

  • Bars and taverns
  • Food storage facilities
  • Elder care homes
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Schools and Universities
  • Corporate Cafeterias
  • Gas Stations and Convenience Stores
  • Supermarkets

No matter what kind of facility you run, you can trust our HVACR experts to do things right. Each of them is a true refrigeration expert with a deep familiarity with walk-in cooler parts and functionality. This allows them to quickly identify and repair the issue with your freezer, often in one visit.

Preventive Maintenance—The Best Way to Keep Your Freezer in Working Order

When it comes to preventive maintenance, cars, and freezers have ample things in common. Both can continue to run for a long time without some TLC, but someone will always end up paying the price. For your refrigeration equipment, this can mean suffering a sudden, catastrophic breakdown on the busiest night of the year. If this kind of surprise isn’t on your wish list, it’s important to schedule regular walk-in service with a refrigeration expert.

During these annual or semi-annual checks, we will inspect your cooler or freezer for signs of damage or failure. This includes checking electrical components, inspecting the compressor, resealing the doors, and removing any built-up ice. We’ll also clean the unit to ensure long-term efficiency. A full list of services performed can be found below:

  • Test pressure and temperature controls
  • Recalibrate blower motors and fans
  • Ensure proper functioning of defrost controls
  • Verify function of electrical connections
  • Check and refill refrigerant
  • Caulk loose or damaged seals

What You Can Do to Keep Your Walk-In Running

While annual walk-in maintenance is necessary to keep your enterprise going smoothly, there are a few things we suggest doing between visits to make your life easier:

  1. Keep the Door Closed: Leaving the door of your freezer or cooler open allows a high amount of cold air to escape. This raises the temperature inside the equipment, forcing it to work harder to match the number on the thermostat. Doing so habitually can reduce the lifespan of the unit, leading to an early replacement.
  2. Clear the Freezer’s Top: Using the top of your walk-in for storage puts unwanted pressure on the ceiling panels. This can lead to refrigerant leaks and lowered system efficiency.
  3. Clean Your Door Gaskets: At least once a week, use a rag to wipe down your freezer’s door gaskets. A build-up of dirt—whether from discarded food or smoke—can clog these pieces of rubber. Eventually, this build-up will loosen the seal between the door and the freezer itself.
  4. Set the Temperature Properly: While you should always store food safely, you shouldn’t go too far beneath the recommended temperature either. Setting the freezer’s thermostat lower than recommended will overwork its compressor, shortening its lifespan. This will lead to more frequent freezer and cooler replacements.
  5. Turn Off the Lights: When most people think of heat, their mind turns to summer campfires and furnaces. But light produces it, too. This is true even for those in your company’s freezer. Be sure that your staff know the importance of keeping them turned down and off when not in use. This will save you not only headaches, but electricity, too!

For everything else, the HVACR professionals at Tidewater Mechanical are just a call away. Reach out to us at (757) 395-4990 to make an appointment for a preventive HVAC maintenance consultation in Chesapeake and Norfolk.

Businesses in Virginia Beach Rely on Us to Keep Stock Cool

You run a business. You have enough to worry about. So, when something goes wrong with your walk-in, don’t worry about it—just call (757) 395-4990 instead. Because we know how important service is, we do our best to turn around repairs in no more than three days. When the appointed time comes, you can count on our technician to show up as promised with all the tools and equipment needed to do the job.

Upon arriving, they will examine your walk-in freezer or cooler for potential issues. After the diagnosis, he or she will present you with repair and service options. These can include everything from on-the-spot maintenance to a full cooler replacement. Trusted for government work in Virginia, you can rest assured that we’re true professionals. This can be seen in our gallery of work as well as our Google profile.

Call (757) 395-4990 to schedule walk-in service in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.