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Commercial HVAC Installation

Commercial HVAC Installation

Businesses depend on their heating and AC systems to function. A restaurant without a working cooling system, for instance, will struggle to stay open during Virginia Beach’s summertime highs. But, like everything in this world, commercial HVAC systems don’t last forever. And, when you’re opening a new business, improper setup can lead to high operating costs and other issues for years after installation. With the cost of new commercial HVAC equipment easily running into the 7-digits, it’s vital that you do it right.

We know taking a big step like this can be daunting. If you call Virginia Beach home, you can rest easy knowing we’re here to support you. Our business has [#COMPANYAGE} years serving the commercial market and ONLY the commercial market. Tidewater Mechanical LLC’s team is comprised of seasoned heating and cooling experts. They understand the business-to-business market and are equipped to handle any HVAC problem.

Don’t leave the installation of your RTU or VRF system to just any contractor in Virginia. Call the company that local businesses like Pollard’s and Norfolk Southern trust for commercial HVAC service—Tidewater Mechanical.

Why You Should Only Hire a Pro for Commercial HVAC Installation

You might be tempted to hire a residential HVAC contractor to install your rooftop unit or commercial-grade air conditioner. But that’s ill-advised. While a jack-of-all-trades might be able to tackle a dripping faucet or bad belt, they don’t typically have the expertise needed for professional commercial HVAC work. This can lead to you getting a system that’s too large or small for your business—and that can cost you thousands over the life of your unit.

Being located in Virginia Beach, you don’t have to look far for skilled commercial HVAC technicians. We employ plenty of them at Tidewater Mechanical. Our staff possesses the proper training to handle any sized commercial heating or air conditioning job. They’re also experienced in designing systems for a number of different business types—many of which are outlined below.

To see some work we’ve done previously, check out our gallery of commercial HVAC work in Virginia.

Industries We Serve

Our Virginia Beach commercial HVAC company is here to help your business meet its heating and cooling needs. As true commercial specialists, we can design a system that suits your needs. We work with a number of industries in Virginia, including:

  • Food Markets
  • Retail Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Factories
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Concession Stands
  • Hospitals
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Catering companies
  • Butcher Shops
  • Restaurants

Equipment We Install and Service in Virginia Beach

Your business is as unique as the people inside of it. The same goes for the equipment needed to service it. In Virginia, commercial HVAC systems typically fall into one of six types:

  1. VRF Systems
  2. VAV Systems
  3. CAV Systems
  4. Single-Package Units
  5. Commercial Heat Pumps
  6. Split Systems

Each of these systems comes with its own set of pros and cons. They can also be mixed and matched depending on the specific demands of the space. Which one is best for you and your business depends on a number of different factors. These include not only your building’s size but also its layout, height, and its surrounding climate.

The 3-Steps of Commercial HVAC Installation

Putting in a new commercial HVAC system is far more complex than a residential one. You don’t have to consider just one level but often dozens. Square footage demands are often higher, requiring multiple units to work in perfect concert. The rules of compliance and permitting are also much more difficult to navigate. Then, you have to consider things like potential refrigeration requirements and multi-unit challenges.

When it comes to dealing with businesses in Virginia Beach, however, we’ve boiled the commercial HVAC installation process down to three steps :

  1. Get an Initial Quote: Most commercial HVAC jobs—at least those of scale—are won through a bidding process. Typically, this involves coming to your facility and taking an in-depth look at the space. If there’s an old system, we’ll examine it to ensure the supporting ductwork and venting system are properly set up. We’ll return to the office and calculate a quote based on parts and labor. If we’re the selected vendor, the process continues.
  2. Old System Removal: If this isn’t a new build, we’ll start by removing the old system. We’ll properly dispose of any old parts and worn-out equipment. After doing so, we’ll give the area a once-over to confirm the accuracy of our initial quote. We’ll inform you of any unexpected changes.
  3. Installation Day: Once the space is cleared and permits pulled, we’ll return to complete your installation. We will take all necessary steps to limit business interruptions. Once your new commercial HVAC system is complete, our technicians will test it to ensure efficiency and function.

When we’re done, we hope the relationship doesn’t end there! We look forward to being your business’s go-to commercial HVAC company for years to come.

Keep Your New Equipment Performing at Its Best

The best way to protect your commercial HVAC investment is to schedule routine maintenance with our heating and cooling experts. These regular tune-ups help promote system efficiency and lessen the risk of surprise breakdowns. This often more than makes up for the cost of the service within a few months.

During your annual or bi-annual tune-up, we’ll check your system for:

  • Signs of unusual wear
  • Worn out belts
  • Loose bolts
  • Electrical power issues
  • Built-up dirt

To get a commercial maintenance agreement established, reach out to us at (757) 395-4990. We’ll be happy to custom-tailor a plan to meet your needs.

Hire Us to Install Commercial HVAC Equipment in Virginia Beach

Whether it’s time to realize your dream or time to replace an old VRV, Tidewater Mechanical is here for you. We have over 12 years of experience servicing and replacing commercial HVAC equipment like yours. This means we’re equipped to handle any problems that arise during your installation. In addition to standard replacement, we also offer repair and maintenance services. For restaurants in the Virginia Beach area, our full array of refrigeration services is never more than a phone call away.

Reach out to Tidewater Mechanical to get a quote on a new commercial HVAC system in Chesapeake or anywhere else in Virginia.