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Commercial Ice Machine Service

Commercial Ice Machine Service

Ice used to be the ultimate sign of luxury. It was difficult to make and even more difficult to transport. These days it’s commonplace. But the feeling of luxury and refreshment it brings our customers remains. There are few things as welcome on a hot day as the clink of ice against glass. Summer would be different without bags of freshly-made ice close at hand. As a hotel or restaurant owner in Virginia Beach, you rely on your commercial ice machine to maintain your food and keep your customers comfortable. With one on hand, large quantities of ice are never out of reach.

If you’re having trouble with this appliance, you can count on Tidewater Mechanical to set things straight. From commercial ice machine repair to full-on replacement, our HVAC-R experts possess the equipment and care needed to do it right.

Common Ice Machine Problems in Virginia Beach

You get a call at the front desk from a customer. The ice machine is now sitting in the middle of a sea of water. Or, perhaps, a server just ran up to tell you the machine is grinding but producing snowballs. These scenarios are just a couple of examples of what can happen when your commercial ice machine gives up the ghost.

While preventive maintenance can stem off most ice machine issues in Virginia Beach, there are times when breakdowns are unavoidable. Below are a few reasons you might reach out to a local refrigeration specialist:

  • Strange Smells: Do you notice something strange about the way your ice machine smells? Does it give off a metallic or molded scent? Have you detected the smell of burning metal? These odors can be taken up by the ice itself, giving it an unpleasant smell. Nobody wants stinky ice! Let our commercial refrigeration experts set things right!
  • Unusual Noises: Is something squealing, squeaking, or grinding? This is often indicative of a major issue with your commercial ice machine. It could be an issue with the temperature control unit or an internal gear. The only way to know for sure is to call (757) 395-4990 and schedule a visit with Virginia Beach’s commercial ice machine experts.
  • System Freezing: This sounds like a weird problem to have with an ice machine, but it can happen! Water can get into moving parts and the tray leading to bigger issues down the line. We can not only clean the obstructions but also take steps to prevent their reoccurrence.
  • Water Flow Problems: The most common ice machine issues are related to water flow. Sediment often builds up in the machine's water lines clogging them and leading to malfunctions. Usually, this manifests in an unexpected drop in water flow. This results in smaller or uneven ice cubes. Only a professional can safely and quickly unclog these obstructions.
  • An Inability to Reach Temperature: Sometimes an ice machine struggles to consistently reach a temperature below freezing. This is often due to a poor initial installation or a bad location. Areas with higher average temperatures—such as right next to a kitchen or exterior door—can make the ice machine work harder. This is a major reason you want your ice machine installation completed by a commercial refrigeration expert in Virginia Beach, not just a general manager or handyperson.
  • Leaking: Ponds might be nice in your backyard, but no one wants them in a hallway. These leaks are often caused by faulty valves or a line failure. You will likely notice this as water around the base at first. But, if not quickly handled, this can lead to ice build-up throughout the machine.

Don’t see your commercial ice machine issue on this list? Rest assured, it’s still likely something our Virginia Beach refrigeration experts can tackle. To know for sure, give us a call at (757) 395-4990 to schedule service in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, or anywhere else in Hampton Roads.

Hassle-Free Ice Machine Installation at Your Fingertips

he reasons you need ice at scale may differ, but our Virginia Beach commercial refrigeration company is here to help you meet them. As true commercial specialists, we can design ice systems that meet the needs of many diverse industries. The following list is just a small example of businesses that rely on us for service:

  • Food Markets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Concession Stands
  • Hospitals
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Catering companies
  • Butcher Shops
  • Restaurants

No Type or Brand is Beyond Our Ice Machine Expertise

Though often bundled together, there are a number of different ice machines on the market. The biggest differences between individual models are the shape of the ice they produce and their size. The latter determines if they’ll be installed under a counter, by themselves, or as an ice-machine-bin combo unit. Typically, commercial refrigeration experts categorize these machines based on the style of their finished products.

We can service every kind of machine, including the common ones below:

  • Full-Cube Machine Also referred to as “full-dice” ice machines, this type produces cubes of roughly an inch in size. The size of the product allows it to melt slower, keeping beverages cool. They come available in combo, under-counter, and standalone units.
  • Half-Cube Ice Machine As the name implies, units of this type produce an ice cube that’s rectangular in shape. Their slimmer profiles allow you to pack more in a glass, increasing overall profits. The cubes do melt more rapidly, however. Like the above type of commercial ice machine.
  • Flake Ice Machine Tiny ice flakes are ideal for cocktails, salad bars, produce displays, and ice wraps. Similar to all of the machines above, this type can be standalone or installed under a counter.
  • Nugget Ice Machine Nugget-shaped ice is ideal for smoothies, soft drinks, and blended cocktails. It can also be a good option in healthcare settings and ice wraps. No matter what size of nugget ice machine you use, Tidewater Mechanical can repair it.
  • Specialty Machines Some businesses in Virginia Beach settle for unusual ice shapes like thematic, octagonal, or crescent ones. The latter displaces even more water than half cubes, making it a great way to enhance profits. Octagonal ice really drives home a feeling of luxury, making it ideal for higher-end establishment.

The Importance of Ice Machine Maintenance in Virginia Beach

Manufacturers recommend semi-annual maintenance to ensure your ice machine does its job. Skipping these routine ice machine tune-ups leads to sediment build up and flow issues. Cleaning the machine regularly also helps enhance system efficiency. Below are a few other benefits you can reap by signing up for one of our customized maintenance programs:

  • Improved safety compliance
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Better tasting ice
  • Reduced bacteria levels
  • Easier meeting of warranty compliance
  • Improved cube productions

Because each business varies in the number and configuration of their ice machines, we will have to customize a commercial HVACR plan that meets your needs. Contact us at (757) 395-4990 to get an estimate scheduled.

Trust Us with Your Ice Machine Installation in Virginia

Though you may be tempted to try and install your own ice machine, we don’t advise it. There’s a lot of expertise involved in selecting the right type of and correct location for these units. Picking the wrong piece can leave you in a deficit, always running low on ice. The wrong location, meanwhile, can tax the machine and send it toward an early death. That’s why you should leave ice machine installation to a true Virginia Beach HVACR professional.

We’ll help compare available units and select one that fits. We’ll also deliver the machine and set it up per factory specifications. Our people are familiar with not only on remote-coold machines but also those that rely on air and water to maintain their temperatures.

Choose Tidewater Mechanical for Ice Machine Service in Virginia Beach