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Frozen Drink Machine Service

Frozen Drink Machine Service

Frozen drinks on tap are a great way to boost your bottom line. The swirling machine and nostalgia draws eyes and opens wallets. This is true whether you’re in a convenience store selling frozen Cokes or a hip-and-trendy bar with self-serve margaritas. But, when you’re face-to-face with the dreaded out-of-service light, every minute this goes on, you’re losing easy revenue. Sure, you can try and order the parts, but there’s no guarantee you can install them right or that you even made the right diagnosis.

Fortunately, Tidewater Mechanical is in your backyard and ready to stop the hemorrhaging. Qualified for governmental and commercial work throughout Virginia, we’re a trusted partner of many frozen drink machine owners and manufacturers.

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Common Issues with Frozen Drink Machines

We encounter a lot of problems with frozen drink machines in Chesapeake and Norfolk. While the true causes of these issues can vary, most of our service calls are triggered by:

  1. Leaking Taps: Long after the last drink is poured, the tap of your frozen drink machine is still dripping This constant noise drives you nuts—because it’s money literally going down the drain. Then, of course, there’s the constant residue impeding cleanup. The root cause could be anything from a lack of lubrication to a worn seal. Instead of guessing at why your drink machine is leaking, we suggest giving our commercial HVACR company a call.
  2. Overflow Outlet Leaks: We get the rare call from businesses in Virginia Beach worried about excess clear liquid in their overflow. This is nothing to worry about—just condensation being gathered and disposed of. If the discharge is the same color as your drinks, however, you’ve got a problem. Something in the machine is broken, likely the shaft or a seal.
  3. Liquid Not Freezing: Is your machine spitting out melted milkshake or warm slushie? First, you’ll want to make sure you have the right water-to-recipe ratio. A mismeasurement can throw off texture and make achieving the desired temperature more difficult. Typically, this issue is called by an airflow problem. But figuring out where is a lot easier for refrigeration technicians.
  4. Machines Overheating: Is your frozen drink machine hot to the touch? Are the temperature readings beyond ideal parameters? A lot of the time, this is due to either a dirty filter or constricted airflow. If it’s a chronic problem, the location of your equipment may need to be rethought. If slight shifts don’t cure the issue, reach out to our company for prompt ice machine service in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake.
  5. Strange Noises: Some noises are fine. Almost every machine clicks when adjusting temperature, for example. Squeaking noises are often a sign that your tank isn’t fully submerged. Grinding or whining noises, however, should be checked by a company familiar with your brand and type of frozen drink machine.
  6. Machine Outside Freezing: Like with liquid that isn’t solidified, ice on the outside is often indicative of a ratio problem. Make sure you’re following recommended recipes. Then, try to give the machine a break. A simple defrost can usually set things right. If not, it’s time to reach out to Tidewater Mechanical at (757) 395-4990.

Even if your issue doesn’t match one of the above, we can take care of it. Our refrigeration repair experts are highly familiar with the parts of these machines and can quickly pinpoint the root cause of any breakdown. So, if business as usual is what you’re after, contact us at the first sign of trouble.

Types of Repairs Our Commercial Refrigeration Experts Provide

There are a lot of different frozen drink machines in service. Some dispense frozen juice. Others pump out milkshakes or frozen coffees. The ingredients involved can change the layout and design of the machine. Rest easy, however, knowing we’re equipped to provide the following services:

  • Ice Machine Repair
  • Margarita Machine Repair
  • Milkshake Machine Repair
  • FBD Frozen Machine Repair
  • Technical Support and Warranty Calls
  • Frozen Drink Machine Refurbishment
  • New and Used Equipment Installation
  • Frozen Beverage Machine Removal
  • Preventive Frozen Drink Machine Maintenance

No Brand of Frozen Beverage Machine is Beyond Our Expertise

In addition to these different types of machines, we are also familiar with all major brands—foreign ones included! Below are the manufacturers we encounter most often in our neck of Virginia:

  • Omega
  • General
  • Crathco
  • GMCW
  • Bunn
  • SaniServ
  • Frosty Factory
  • Cecilware

Service Designed Around Your Needs

We know how vital prompt, hassle-free drink machine service is to your business. That’s why we designed our processes around minimizing interruptions. When you call us, it’s just six more steps to business as usual:

  1. Initial Diagnosis: Before we fix anything, we’ll have to examine your machine. After pinpointing the issue, we’ll give you a quote on repairing it. From there, you can decide if replacement or frozen beverage service is the best option.
  2. Machine Cleaning: We will thoroughly clean your machine to remove any syrup residue. We’ll also make sure dust is blown out and excess grease removed. Bent fins will be straightened to promote future efficiency. This gives us a cleaner environment to work in.
  3. Repairs Start: Once we’ve done all the necessary maintenance, we’ll move to tackle the crux of the problem. This can be anything from machine calibration to motor or shaft replacement.
  4. Reassembly: Once we’re confident we’ve fixed your frozen drink machine, we’ll start putting it back together. Rest assured all will be done per the original design.
  5. Testing: At Tidewater Mechanical, we want to do our job right. That includes doublechecking our work. We’ll run the machine through a number of tests to ensure proper function.
  6. Final Cleaning: Once we’ve given the machine the all-clear, we’ll scrub any testing residue off. This will give you a clean slate before it resumes operation.

Trust for Frozen Machine Repair in Virginia Beach

Our commercial HVACR company is here to support Virginia businesses in a number of ways. This includes not only heating and AC repair but also frozen drink machine service. With years of experience fixing slushie and frozen margarita machines, we’ve seen it all. Broken seals and airflow problems are simple things for us to tackle. If a replacement or move is needed, we’ll come equipped to handle it. Since this type of work is our bread and butter, it’s difficult to beat our efficiency and professionalism. But don’t take our word for it! Take a peek at our gallery for some examples of our frozen drink machine work in the greater Chesapeake area.